Beyond Mind, Beyond Death – Non Duality

Beyond Mind, Beyond Death was the first book published by the TATnon duality Foundation Press, and proves itself a timeless classic of non duality.  Graced with selections from over thirty contributors, including William Samuel, Bob Fergeson, Douglas Harding, Franklin Merrell-Wolff, Art Ticknor, Bart Marshall, Coleman Barks, Bob Cergol, Alfred Pulyan, and Bernadette Roberts, it’s a compendium that will become your “desert-island book” – the one to grab if you could only take one book with you for the rest of your life.

Beyond Mind, Beyond Death is filled with practical essays on subjects like meditation, inspiring spiritual poetry, and humor.  You could call it “non duality plus,” as it recognizes the paradox of the spiritual search.

Act tirelessly without effort.  Do nothing without being idle.  Live life on the pinpoint of paradox and leave the rest to God.  Advaita is right.  You are already That which you seek, and there is nothing you can do to cause Self-realization.  Hold this truth close as you effortlessly seek Self-realization with everything you’ve got, and Grace may befall you.  ~ Bart Marshall

Yes, hold that truth close as you read this book and find inspiration for your spiritual search.

My final word on this particular subject is: I sought a Goal the existence of which I had become convinced was highly probable.  I succeeded in finding this Goal, and now I KNOW, and can also say to all others: “IT IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH ANYTHING THAT IT MAY COST, AND IMMEASURABLY MORE.” ~ Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Beyond Mind, Beyond Death is at once a glimpse into an astounding variety of spiritual teachings, and an affirmation that a common thread of truth runs through all.