Beyond Relativity: a quest for self knowledge

Beyond Relativity:  Transcending the Split Between Knower and Known by Artspiritual seeker Ticknor is the compelling story of a quest for self knowledge, as a family man with a seemingly fine life discovers a gnawing emptiness of meaning that propels him on a wild ride of a spiritual path.

An intentional pursuit of self-knowing, or defining the self, is the real meaning of a religious or spiritual path.

Beyond Relativity is carefully arranged.  Each chapter begins with a few pages recounting the story of Art’s spiritual path, then ends with short essays, aphorisms, and questions from students that further inspire and inform the reader.

Productive meditation questions our self-beliefs. The questioning may include thinking analytically and feeling feelings, but the primary data comes from looking. When you wrote: “I do not know what I believe myself to be” [in response to my previous question], that’s an honest start. Then we can either wait in hopes that life will expose the beliefs, or we can try to accelerate the process by investigation.

The chapters progress through “Dissatisfaction,” “The Catalyst,” “Determination,” “Signposts of Progress,” and more, culminating in “The Last Straw.”  Art worked with Richard Rose and Douglas Harding, and shares his experiences with meditation practice, solitary retreats, celibacy, fasting, and other spiritual practices.  For an in-depth look at a quest for self knowledge, this book is highly recommended.

Another great book by Art Ticknor is Solid Ground of Being.