Zen Photography

In the exhibition “A Hidden Wholeness: The Zen Photography of Thomas Merton,” Merton’s striving to communicate the glorious in the ordinary shines through each stark photograph.  Similarly, photographer Bob Fergeson pushes the bounds of what the still image can contain in his “Zen photography.”  Take the still majesty of this spiritual photography and pair it with words that slice the unbroken noise of our minds into the ever-arising “now,” and you get… Images of Essence.

First published in 2008, Images of Essence should find a place on the bookshelf or coffee table of every lover of truth.  It opens with a quote from the 6th century philosopher Boethius, “The passing now makes time, the standing now makes eternity.”  What is this standing now, and how does it relate to our everyday life?  Through alternating photographs with poetry, each page presents you with a moment in time, captured by a still image or briefly held by words which arise and draw you into that same silence.  Wave after wave, these photographs and poems wash over your awareness, yielding a book best enjoyed slowly, like a sunset.

Previously only available in a limited edition, the TAT Foundation is pleased to present Images of Essence in an affordable softcover now available from online and local booksellers.

Zen photography

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