Hydroglyphics: Reflections on the Sacred

Is all water sacred?
To me this feels powerful and true–water is sacred.
Water is life.
“La vida es sagrada,” Hispanos also say. Life is sacred.

TAT Press’ latest publication is an inspired collaboration between Phaedra Greenwood and Shawn Nevins mixing photography and poetry.  If you enjoyed The Ten Thousand Things by Robert Saltzman, you’ll find Hydroglyphics equally profound.  The abstractions and reflections of Greenwood’s images pull the reader into silent spaces where grace becomes apparent.  Combined with the, at turns, haunting and celebratory poems of Nevins yields a nondual tour de force of which any Zen master would approve.

Everyone should keep a copy at hand so they may open it daily to imbibe the images and thoughts of two people who understand the necessity of beauty and love to help us maintain our reasons for being.


Our latest spiritual book is Subtraction: The Simple Math of Enlightenment

It’s been a long time coming, but this outstanding spiritual memoir is now available.

A subtractive , deconstructive process is the surest way to successful conclusion of a spiritual path. It was the main piece of the shortcut that Richard Rose said existed. But just what in the world does subtraction on a spiritual path really mean?  How could it translate into a viable spiritual practice? How does on follow a subtractive path?  That is precisely what this book is about….

Get your copy on Amazon now!

This Above All: A Journey of Self-Discovery is now available

Happy to report that Tess Hughes’ spiritual memoir This Above All is now available on Amazon or by order from your local bookseller.  It is a compelling read and, frankly, I am glad to add a woman’s voice to our slate of authors.  Though, as Tess says, “spiritual evolution is beyond gender,” she also points out that “the way women wrote made the possibility seem more accessible for me.”

Tess recounts a woman’s spiritual journey with an honesty and openness that is refreshing and informative, sharing the essential crossroads and practices that ultimately culminated in a spiritual awakening.

Judge this book by its cover.  It is beautiful.

woman's spiritual journey

Zen Photography

In the exhibition “A Hidden Wholeness: The Zen Photography of Thomas Merton,” Merton’s striving to communicate the glorious in the ordinary shines through each stark photograph.  Similarly, photographer Bob Fergeson pushes the bounds of what the still image can contain in his “Zen photography.”  Take the still majesty of this spiritual photography and pair it with words that slice the unbroken noise of our minds into the ever-arising “now,” and you get… Images of Essence.

First published in 2008, Images of Essence should find a place on the bookshelf or coffee table of every lover of truth.  It opens with a quote from the 6th century philosopher Boethius, “The passing now makes time, the standing now makes eternity.”  What is this standing now, and how does it relate to our everyday life?  Through alternating photographs with poetry, each page presents you with a moment in time, captured by a still image or briefly held by words which arise and draw you into that same silence.  Wave after wave, these photographs and poems wash over your awareness, yielding a book best enjoyed slowly, like a sunset.

Previously only available in a limited edition, the TAT Foundation is pleased to present Images of Essence in an affordable softcover now available from online and local booksellers.

Zen photography

The Nonduality book naming conundrum

Looking through a list of 47 prominent nonduality book titles on Amazon today, judging a book by it cover might lead one to suspect nonduality teachings are slipping into the realm of New Age panaceas; especially as a generation of seekers grows older and more interested in soothing thoughts than dynamic action. I promise not to name the next TAT Press title The Simple Awareness of the Ever-Present Abiding Oneness: awakening to the dream — your true nature of bliss, peace, presence and absence.

nonduality book titles