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Beyond Mind, Beyond Death – DVD

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Most people believe there is an aspect of the mind that survives death—call it spirit or soul—that will continue to have experiences without a body. But what if that’s not true?


Beyond Mind, Beyond Death is a five-DVD set (9 hours) featuring the following topics and presenters from the TAT Foundation’s April 2005 Conference:

From Rock ‘N Roll to Silence: Sounding the Longing String, by Bob Fergeson


Where exactly is “within?” by Art Ticknor


Becoming Versus Dying—The Paradox, by Bob Cergol


Effortless Meditation: Starting with the Goal, by Michael Conners


Befriending Death, by Bart Marshall



Each of the five presenters had a profound spiritual realization, yet their paths, circumstances, and advice differ. Perhaps never before have five such individuals come together to share their perspectives and advice for the spiritual search.

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