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Solid Ground of Being

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Illusions, delusions, or faulty beliefs prevent us from seeing clearly and acknowledging what we truly are … beyond personality and even beyond individuality. In sharing the simple facts of his life experience, Art Ticknor takes us on an extraordinary journey, which hopes “to inspire another with a possibly unimagined possibility, and to encourage another to persevere.” With a natural storyteller’s voice and conversational style that draws the reader in and pulls us gently along, he conveys his view that the journey beyond the mind, to the solid ground of being, will bring full satisfaction to life.

October 12, 2016 at 4:27 am .

Rose considered confrontation one of the cornerstones of spiritual work. Basically, it is a group discussion in which members look for inconsistencies, rationalizations, and blind beliefs in one another. It easily devolves into ego-based debate and defense without a skilled moderator. Art Ticknor s presence is a great aid in confrontation as he has the wisdom of years and the wisdom of an ego-less perspective allowing him to more easily recognize the ego s defenses.