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The Center Cannot Hold – DVD

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A three-DVD set (8 hours) featuring the following topics and presenters from the TAT Foundation’s April 2010 Weekend Intensive:


Everyday Life is the Way, by Michael Hall

The Radical Challenge of the Obvious, by Shawn Nevins

Why Meditation Alone is Insufficient, by Bob Cergol

No Center, No Edges: Untethered in the Boundless Realm, by Bart Marshall

Surprise Finality, by Margot Ridler

Untenable? An investigation led by Art Ticknor


How much longer can you hold it together? “It” being your carefully crafted self: fending off death and searching for love in a dozen hopeless ways every day, creating a story that has no hope of survival. All the while, sages and books of wisdom tell us that everything is perfect as it is; “that each man is the whole.” And this paradox swirls around a tiny pinpoint, an insubstantial center called “you.”

Each of these presenters devoted their life to solving the paradox, and each provides hope that transcends the insubstantial “you.”

A note about video quality: The footage was captured by amateur videographers. The image quality isn’t crisp, and there’s no navigation menus/titles/chapters. The audio is good. Overall, with 8 hours of helpful spiritual footage, these DVDs are focused on content and present a good value.

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