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The Heart of the Matter – DVD

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A three-DVD set (7 hours) featuring the following topics and presenters from the TAT Foundation’s April 2011 Weekend Intensive:


Becoming: The Dance of Death, by Bob Fergeson

A Discussion of Effortless Meditation, by Mike Conners

A Chat with Bob Cergol

A Path with Heart, by Bart Marshall

Unraveling – poems and other musings, by Shawn Nevins and Deborah Westmoreland

The Heart of the Path, by Tess Hughes


The April 2011 TAT meeting was themed The Heart of the Matter and was one of our largest events in recent years; attended by over 65 participants. This 7 hour, three-DVD set features Bob Fergeson, Mike Conners, Bob Cergol, Bart Marshall, Shawn Nevins, Deborah Westmoreland, and (visiting us from Ireland) Tess Hughes.

Inside you: a longing to be other than you are, dissatisfaction, a feeling of separation from an unknown whole. Life makes no sense, yet we want to live. Words pile up in confusion like leaves at the door. These feelings rise again and again, stirring us from the comfort of our habits and routines. You relax your guard and a moment of self-honesty unfolds, saying “This can not be denied.” Here we are, in this moment, looking deep inside at The Heart of the Matter.

A note about video quality: Originally filmed for broadcast on the web, the image quality is a bit less than DVD quality. The audio quality is excellent. Overall, with 7 hours of helpful spiritual footage, these DVDs are focused on content and present a great value. Special thanks to Richard Miller of for producing videos of TAT’s April 2011 Intensive.

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