Falling For Truth

Falling For Truth: A Spiritual Death and Awakening presents Howdie Mickoski’s wide-ranging spiritual journey through Zen, Shamanism, Nonduality, Advaita, Gnostic Christianity, Alchemy, Ancient Egypt, Hollywood films, and the teachings of Richard Rose. Howdie weaves these teachings and tells a story of spiritual awakening with a message for all. Full of practical details as well as wisdom gained from the realities of daily living, Howdie’s book is an engaging and surprising read.

The answer to “who am I” is not found in a lineage, a guru. Nor is it located in meditation, Satsang nights or kissing lotus-strewn feet. The real path is truly a battle of cutting through all of the bullshit to find out what’s left. It is not about re-ordering your mind, or making it more positive. Rather, you are out to shatter the mind. Enlightenment is not some kind of construction project: building, ascending, rising, getting better and nicer. It is a demolition project.

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