Handyman’s Guide to Self Realization

A Handyman’s Common Sense Guide to Spiritual Seeking, by David Weimer is self realizationexactly as it sounds: inspiration and advice for self realization.  Yet the advice isn’t rote, or step-by-step.  Instead David, wholeheartedly encourages each person to become their own authority:

As I walked into my own life, the universe became my friend, confidant, teacher and benefactor.  I stood up straight and fell back into my life, releasing my death-grip on fearful hesitation, trusting myself to try my best.

It’s an excellent book for someone starting out on a spiritual path, or someone feeling stuck and unsure what to do next.

You don’t have to be a spiritual seeker.  The crucial thing is to move in the direction you’re meant to.  Use words like your potential, your destiny, your fate or karma.  If you actually do what you were formed to do, you’ll meet your death with the same equanimity as an enlightened guru.

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