Images of Essence – Spiritual Poems

Images of Essence by Bob Fergeson and Shawn Nevins is one of the finest spiritual poemscollections of spiritual poems and spiritual photographs available.  The book takes its spirit from this saying by Boethius:

“The passing now makes time, the standing now makes eternity.”

A spirit which imbues each of Bob’s stunning color photographs and echoes within each of Shawn’s graceful spiritual poems – “Like Rumi with a Nikon.”

I exist on the border
between this place and none.
One foot in the world
of loneliness and love
and the other foot doesn’t exist.
I might fall within any moment
– what with the unpredictable wind –
certain only that this can’t be wrong.

Images of Essence makes a wonderful gift.  It is a timeless work that is greater than the sum of its parts – a work that artfully anticipates our most basic questions of self and God, and relentlessly whispers the ancient answer: “Go within.”

You will also enjoy Bob’s The Listening Attention and Shawn’s Subtraction: The Simple Math of Enlightenment.