Perennial Way: Spiritual Inspiration

The Perennial Way: New English Versions of Yoga Sutras, Dhammapada, Heart Sutra, Ashtavakra Gita, Faith Mind Sutra, and Tao Te Ching by Bart Marshall yoga sutrasprovides a wide dose of spiritual inspiration.  As the title suggests, it is a compendium of spiritual works from a variety of traditions, designed to capture the essential wisdom of Zen, Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, and Advaita.

It is amazing to find all of these works in a single volume, and even more amazing to find them translated by someone spiritually awakened.  Through consulting a variety of translations, then using his poet’s ear and awakened perception, Bart ensures that each work is not only beautifully rendered, but also carries the feeling of profundity.  These insightful versions are presented without commentary and resonate in the mind and heart long after reading.

The Way is not about beliefs or understanding.  It’s not ancient, not something to be studied like history or religion.  What it points to is ever-present – the Source of all that is.  It speaks through those who enter It to anyone who’ll listen and says, “Come Home.”

For another dose of spiritual inspiration, check out the book Beyond Mind, Beyond Death, which also features work by Bart Marshall.