woman's spiritual journey

This Above All: A Journey of Self-Discovery

This beautifully organized book is about the writer’s spiritual voyage, all the way to its ultimate unfolding– an end to her suffering. Throughout her story, Tess Hughes is profoundly generous, holding nothing back. She welcomes readers into a woman’s spiritual journey so sensitive, so private, that at times it feels like we shouldn’t be there;… Read more »

Yoga Sutras, Dhammapada, Heart Sutra, Ashtavakra Gita, Faith Mind Sutra, and Tao Te Ching

The Perennial Way: new English Versions of Yoga Sutras, Dhammapada, Heart Sutra, Ashtavakra Gita, Faith Mind Sutra, and Tao Te Ching

In these timeless works, Patanjali, Buddha, Lao Tsu, and other great masters of the Way speak with resonant authority on man’s deepest questions, and offer explicit instructions for how an earnest seeker of Truth should conduct his or her search and life. These insightful new versions by Bart Marshall are presented without commentary. Clear and… Read more »

Beyond Mind, Beyond Death

Beyond Mind, Beyond Death: essays, poems and photographs from the silent spaces of life

This collection contains some of the best spiritual essays, poems, photographs and humor from seven years of the TAT Forum online magazine. These are practical, inspiring and challenging works of spiritual insight for anyone drawn to the silent spaces of life. With selections from over thirty contributors, including: William Samuel, Bob Fergeson, Douglas Harding, Franklin… Read more »

Beyond Relativity

Beyond Relativity: Transcending the Split Between Knower and Known

“An intentional pursuit of self-knowing, or defining the self, is the real meaning of a religious or spiritual path,” so says Arthur Ticknor in this, his second book on the spiritual path. Ticknor’s work is a beautiful story of despair and hope: a family man with a fine life and a gnawing emptiness of meaning,… Read more »

Solid Ground of Being

Illusions, delusions, or faulty beliefs prevent us from seeing clearly and acknowledging what we truly are … beyond personality and even beyond individuality. In sharing the simple facts of his life experience, Art Ticknor takes us on an extraordinary journey, which hopes “to inspire another with a possibly unimagined possibility, and to encourage another to… Read more »

The Listening Attention

The Listening Attention

Bob Fergeson distills the best of his advice on the practical matters of the spiritual search in this little book of self-knowledge. Unafraid to speak of his own difficulties and realizations, Bob offers an everyman’s guide to self-realization: not through believing the words of another, but through seeking within; cultivating what he calls the Listening… Read more »

Images of Essence: spiritual photography and poetry

How does one express the inexpressible? Shawn Nevins writes poems. Bob Fergeson takes pictures. Images of Essence is the profound and beautiful result of their collaboration. The conversational zen of Nevins’ poems seems so effortless it almost masks his subtle mastery of craft. He speaks from stillness and invites us to join him. His words… Read more »

At Home with the Inner Self

This is not a book of beautiful words, but of hard-won truths. As a diagnosed schizophrenic, Jim Burns is a man tortured by his outer self for much of his life, yet truly “at home with the inner self.” His illness gives him unique insight into psychology and the impetus to study the mind as,… Read more »

A Handyman’s Common Sense Guide to Spiritual Seeking

“This guide is my distilled wisdom. The advice, opinions and truisms relate to a person seeking an ultimate personal answer to existence,” so reads the introduction to David Weimer’s “Common Sense Guide” – a compendium of his years of spiritual search. This Army veteran, surveyor, reporter, and jack-of-all-trades handyman offers an unwavering portrait of the… Read more »

The Celibate Seeker: an exploration of celibacy as a modern spiritual practice

Outside of religious orders, who are the people that choose to practice celibacy and why? The Celibate Seeker is an examination of celibacy as a practical discipline for those on a spiritual search. It surveys the experiences of seventeen men and one woman to discover the benefits they derive and their advice to others. Discover… Read more »