Solid Ground of Being: a story of self discovery

Solid Ground of Being: A Personal Story of the Impersonal by Art Ticknor, even in its title spiritual journeytakes one to the heart of the paradox of self discovery.

Beyond the mind we have returned from the realm of the personal to our impersonal source.  We can then use our personal experience to speculate on how a fellow human being can make a similar voyage of discovery, to inspire another with a possibly unimagined possibility, and to encourage another to persevere.

Alternating among short essays, poetry, mental experiments, and aphorisms, Art Ticknor’s book points out both the simplicity of Truth that is hidden in plain site, and the many ways it is obscured.  It is a practical spiritual work, with essays such as “Why Seekers Fail,” “Knowing What We Really Want,” “Danger of Convictions,” and “Getting Serious.”

While filled with practical advice, Solid Ground of Being is also a page by page expression of the fruits of self discovery, along with encouragement for you to do the same.

Is the willingness to do anything what’s necessary for us to be open to help from the higher power (the Self we all have in common)? Is your pride preventing a leap of faith?

Another great book by Art Ticknor is his Beyond Relativity.