Spiritual Videos

Our collection of the best spiritual videos and videos on spiritual awakening.  For real insight and advice on spiritual practices along with inspiration for your spiritual search, check out the following spiritual videos:

Mister Rose: The Video (3 hours, 50 minutes)

A dynamic glimpse into the teaching style of Richard Rose, this very special video follows a group of university students on a visit to the Rose farm and former TAT retreat center in West Virginia. Contains sequences from university lectures and informal discussions that serve as an excellent introduction to Rose’s thoughts on the spiritual path, as well as his life as a spiritual seeker.

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Remembering Your True Desire – April 2012 TAT Meeting (5+ hours)

A series of talks centered around the theme of finding our True Desire  — this true desire being equivalent to an awakening of the mind.  Talks include:

“Remembering Your True Desire … and Acting on It,” by Art Ticknor – what do you do when you don’t know what to do or how to do it? An informal discussion centered around the question: “What prevents effective spiritual action?”
“Swimming in the Inner Ocean: Trips to the Beach” by Bob Fergeson – a discussion of the varied ways we can use to hear the voice of our inner ocean, the heart of our true desires.
“A Wider and Wilder Vision” by Shawn Nevins – notes on assumptions, beliefs, and perspectives that bind us.
“Make Your Whole Life a Prayer” by Heather Saunders – an exploration of prayer as a tool on the path to spiritual Truth.

Stream, Download Or Rent The Movie for as little as $4.